Personalize your Christian Education Manual by choosing documents from the following list.

Also included are outlines developed for basic CEM training developed by Judi Hodges and available for your adaptation and continued improvement. 

Please note documents in Italics involve legal issues and should be carefully reviewed by your Session and your church's legal counsel and insurance provider. These documents are examples and are intended only to aide you in developing your own policy and procedures and do not represent required policies from the ARP Synod. 

To request further help, contact Brent Turner at bturner@arpsynod.org or call our office 864-233-2491.

  • The Christian Education Committee 
  • The purpose and goal of Christian Education
  • Organizational chart 
  • Finding Approved Curriculum Resources
  • Guidelines for Choosing Curriculum 
  • Evaluating Curriculum 
  • Suggested Elements of A CE Training Program
  • Job Descriptions for ministry positions in the church
  • Sample Application 
  • Child Safety and Protection Policies and Procedures
  • Youth Ministry Guidelines
  • Background search permission form
  • Other Forms, forms, forms
  • Seminar Outline: Managing a Classroom
  • Seminar Outline: Preparing a Lesson 
  • Seminar Outline: Developing a Balanced Approach to Ministry
  • Seminar Outline: Planning an Event, Working Your Plan
  • Seminar Outline: An Approach to Vision Setting and Planning 
  • Seminar Outline: Recruiting and Keeping Volunteers 
  • Seminar Outline: Stages of Faith Development in children